About Me

Hello, thanks for visiting! My name is Lily, I am a freelance illustration artist and pattern designer from the United Kingdom.

Here is a little insight into what myself and my artwork is about.

 I got my BA (hons) in Illustration from the University of Lincoln and now, I am working in Nottingham as a freelancer illustration artist.

I am a creative freelancer who specialises in illustration, typography & surface pattern illustration. I work with a mix of media using both hand drawn illustrations & digital software to create detailed illustrations.

Most of my illustrations are influenced by nature and animals.

I am open to all areas of illustrative work from book cover design to logo design, artist album covers, editorial for magazines, wildlife illustration and pet & people portraits.

Please drop me an Email with enquires at lilieaejane@gmail.com if you are interested in hiring me for illustrative work.

Thank you for stopping by! 

- Lily Jane

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